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My Partners 


Thanks to Koru, we was an amazing therapy dog who lived out his life supporting hundreds of people. He passed June 1st 2022.  RIP Koru thanks for all the new life new beginnings! We love and miss you!


Coming in July - new puppy partner that can be present upon your resquest for your sessions as a companion in your journey. I also work with horses at a variety of locations and am able to offer Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy upon request. 


Meet the Steamboat Herd!

Meet Sister and baby Bee! Sister loves connection and can be a bit protective of her little girl! She teaches us about trust, attachment, nurturing and purpose!

Meet Fly, he is our most sensitive boy! He loves hind end scratches and pays close attention to you.

Meet Magic! She's a sweet older rescue horse who loves cuddles and supporting you!

Meet Rango. He is a gentle yet spirited soul who is also the leader of the herd. He teaches us about leadership, protection, honesty and fight!

Meet Teddy! He is 2 years old, very friendly and playful and loves to help teach people about boundaries and trust!

Meet Thule and baby Finn! As a new momma Thule helps us learn about the importance of attachment, love, nurturing and safety! Finn helps us learn about play and listening!

Meet the girls! Rescued ladies Polka, Fiona, Annie Oakley, and Salsa teach us about recovery, trust, boundaries, communication and herd behavior!

Meet the Boulder Herd!

Ty says hi!
He is an American Miniature Horse who has done many shows and loves to interact. He is about 6 years old and his favorite pass times are eating grass and sun bathing!

Farley loves the sun!


He is a 28 year old Palomino Appaloosa who has spent the past 15 years showing kids in 4H at the County Fair. He retired from showing last year and is enjoying his retirement.

Howie says howdy!


He is an 11 year old Gypsy Cob who came to live in Colorado from England when he was not quite 1 year old. He is, at this point, primarily a show horse but is generally curious and enjoys interacting with people.

CJ likes to cuddle


He is a 17 year old registered American Paint Horse. He came to live with his people as a yearling and is a lot like a giant Labrador dog with spots. He has done a wide variety of things including Search and Rescue and working cattle.

Thumper is too cute!


He's just a little guy, but full of life! He is a 5 year old American Minature Horse who loves his grass and to play.



Lastly I love to work in nature as I feel it has an incredble ability to ground us and provide life long support. As a result many of my sessions can be offered outside, on hikes, in a pasture, near a creek...or whatever fits for you!



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