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            "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's Courage"

      Kaitlyn Anderson, MA, LPC, NCC, GEP, trained in EMDR

Services offered:
Individual Therapy
Equine Therapy

Partnered with:
Krista Halnes and Elevate Wellness
The Red Barn and Humble Ranch
REPS - Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide 
Second Wind Fund
Steamboat School System
Juniper Hot Springs
Mission Wolf



My name is Kaitlyn Anderson and I am an animal assisted and wilderness psychotherapist.


I work with animals and nature to help people gain connection, personal insight and awareness that helps them to overcome challenges, fulfill themselves and achieve life goals.


I have a Gestalt, EMDR, wilderness therapy, and DBT background and have been working therapeutically with people from many different walks of life for the last 16 years.


I have experience working with individuals, couples, families and companies and can assist with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, family communication, improving systems - team work, self awareness, personal growth and self exploration.

I offer 2 locations in Steamboat Springs CO (office or Ranch setting) and can provide virtual sessions as well. Depending on availability I am happy to see you at a site that works best for you!

You Choose your office!

Indoor @ Downtown Steamboat 

Outdoors @ Red Barn

At Home virtual sessions available! 

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